All-Safe Occupational Health & Safety Program
All-Safe Occupational Health & Safety Program

Occupational Health & Safety Program Information


Program Services


  • Comprehensive Facility Safety Audits | Auditors focus on facility conditions, employee behaviors, and documentation to form a complete picture of compliance for each location
  • Job Hazard Assessments and SOP Development | Perform task-specific hazard analyses and create documented SOPs for work planning and injury /incident prevention

Program Content

  • Customized Program Document Suite | Safety Policies, Safety Procedures, Safety Forms, SOPs, & More
  • OSHA / State / NFPA / ANSI / Other Regulations and Standards
  • You Own the Content | Once your documentation is customized, it is yours to keep, even after the term of the software services has concluded.


Safety Training
Online Learning | Customizable Video-based Learning, Quizzes, and Examinations, Configurable Learning Experience
Live, On-Site Safety Training | Hands-on demonstrative training (Fall Protection, LOTO, First Aid, Rescue, Grain Bin / PRCS Entry, and More)
Train-the-Trainer Formatted Live Training | Formatted to hand over training and certification programs to clients (Aerial Lift, PIT, Scaffolding, and more)
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Our All-Safe health & safety program combines three areas to deliver solutions to your needs.

All-Safe Program Typical Onboarding Process


AgriSphere’s All-Safe health and safety program combines three key areas to deliver a customized yet turn-key solution to your organization’s health & safety compliance needs. 


‘After the Audit’ Project Management Services



Large-Scale Corrective Actions Project based on AgriSphere Safety Audit Results:
• Items that require millwrights / contractors
• Items that require parts or systems to be installed
• Items that require a large-amount of logistics


AgriSphere Formal Project Management Services:
• Scopes of Work and Bid Packages for Contractors and Channel
• Work Packages and On-Site Quality Assurance
• Project Work Acceptance Process
• Formal Change Order Process


Tracking / Management with AgriSphere Software:
• Tracking Progress and Performance of Project Work
• Tracking Budgets (Projected vs. Actuals)
• Based in Client Portal


Typical Areas of Focus:

  • Egress (ladders, swing gates, catwalks, handrails, etc.)
  • Hazard Monitoring Systems
  • Signage and Labeling
  • Dust Collection Systems
  • Electrical MCC Design and Configuration


What we provide
Enterprise-level, cloud-based, mobile-friendly management and training software designed specifically for agriculture. Our management programs are designed to be administered from our software solutions - the AgriSphere Client Portal and Training Center.
Vast and diverse library of content, per management program, which we work to specify and configure for each clients' unique needs and operating requirements. No clients' programs are the same with each being unique to their own parameters.
A wide-range of services including facility audits, job hazard assessments, standard operating procedure development, hands-on safety training, data collection services, project management services, and much more. All professionally managed and scoped using best practice methods.